Congratulations! You've got a published book!

W.E. Bookstore Online supports independent and self-published authors and is happy to provide a retail AND marketing outlet for books published through non-traditional publishing sources. 

Why Should Indie Authors & Publishers Work With W.E. Bookstore Online?

We offer authors/publishers : 

  1. Marketing of you AND your books on all of our platforms
  2. Recorded Author Interviews on Instagram Live
  3. Written Author Interview on the Blog
  4. Possible advertisement of your book
  5. Fulfillment and shipping of orders
  6. A Publishing Industry Standard rate of 60% to you/40% to W.E. Bookstore 
  7. Search Engine Optimized Sales page
  8.  Your book is available for sale via our Blind Date with a Book on Etsy 

W.E. provides a retail market with advertising options for a full-service operation!