W.E. Bookstore Online - a social institution with commitments to the Creative Community

W.E. Bookstore Online is an independent bookstore with commitments and ties to “small” creative communities. Not only is it because we are a small, family-owned business, but it’s also because we enjoy rooting for the underdog!  

Our Commitments in Action

Hosting The Sunshine Handmade Market : Traveling pop-up shop

Supporting Small businesses, Creators, Makers, Authors, and Artists

The Sunshine Handmade Market is a handmade market hosted by W.E. Bookstore in Southern California. With a mission of loving our neighbors, SHM creates opportunities for small businesses, creators, makers, authors and artists to showcase and sell their products/services. It also gives shoppers a chance to shop with small mom and pop shops and support a families dream. We have a pop-up shop in a new location once a month in California. For more information about where we’ll be next and how you can become a vendor, connect with us on social media or get on our monthly newsletter! Also check our Event’s page

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Shelving Books by Self-Published/ Independent Authors via our Consignment and Advertisement Program

Supporting over 3 million self-published authors

W.E. Bookstore Online only shelves books by self- published authors. With over 3 million self-published authors out there, and very few to none bookstores supporting them, W.E.B.O. fills in that gap. We stand with the part of our parent company, Winn Publications LLC’s mission to amplify indie author’s voices. We do this by creating opportunities for them to sell their book and get in front of their readers. When they place their books on our “digital” bookshelf, we share their book on sale’s page, we add their book to our online and printed catalog, and we make some of them available for purchase at the Sunshine Handmade Market and all events that we host or attend throughout the year. 

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Turning up the volume on Self-Published Authors and their message

Supporting self-published authors

Our parent company, Winn Publications LLC, migrated its author interviews to W.E. Bookstore Online’s blog to amplify the author’s voices. Whether they chose to include their books on our bookshelves or not, the opportunity is opened to all self-published authors. We hope that by making this service free, more authors would take advantage of the opportunity to get in front of our readers and potentially sell a book. 

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Our Sister Company, Miss Winn, the founder of W.E.Bookstore Donates Educational and Transformative Resources

supporting survivors of trauma through writing a book, a blog, or in a journal

About the Photo. Upcoming Writing with Miss Winn and And I Stand Collaboration.  Learn more at AndIStand.Org . For nonprofits interested in collaborating with Winn Publications LLC and  Writing With Miss Winn, please use our Contact form to reach out to us. Thank you! 

Our Commitments

Small Business With a Big Heart

As a part of our mission to give back to our community, we partner with other small businesses, as well as independent contractors, freelancers, creators, makers, artists and authors. In line with our sister company, Miss Winn, we create opportunities for all kinds of small creative persons to amplify our voices, sell books ( and other products), improve our skills, publish our works and bring our creative visions from dreams into a reality. 

Support Survivors & Single Mothers

Through leading expressive writing programs that are customized for each nonprofit organization, corporation, or small business, we are on a mission to help survivors and single mothers share their story, heal, and possibly publish a book.  

Joy of Reading & Writing

Partnering with schools and teachers who believe in the power of reading, writing and comprehension and making it fun by using our imaginations to create a short story.  We provide customized programs to get your students excited to read by teaching them the history of storytelling and then we practice it! We also look for opportunities to get books published by our self-published authors into your library.  

Partner With W.E. Bookstore Online

If any of those commitments happen to also be a commitment of yours, let’s put our heads together and brainstorms way we can partner with each other. W.E.B.O. believes we are better together and that’s on all aspects. Email us at webookstore.wp@gmail.com. We usually partner with vendors, event venue managers, authors, small press/ independent publishers, nonprofits, and youth programs. 

If you aren’t our usual partner, we would love to hear from you as well. Thank you!