You've got a published book!

W.E. Bookstore Online supports independent and self-published authors and is happy to provide a retail AND marketing outlet for books published through non-traditional publishing sources. 

Author Services

  • Social Media Post $15

    Miss Winn will share your post on W.E. Bookstore Online's Instagram and Facebook Page, helping you reach more readers!

  • Book Review From Gia $25

    Miss Winn's 7 Year Old daughter will read and review your children's book (1st through 3rd grade appropriate). Sharing the review via video on Instagram and YouTube.

  • Author Spotlight $30

    Miss Winn will ask you some questions and share your answers on W.E. Bookstore's Blog. Every Author Spotlight is then advertised on W.E. Bookstore's Facebook and Instagram!

  • Book Cover Ad $100

    Advertise your book cover on for 90 days.

  • Instagram Live Collab. Free

    Are you a published author AND community leader? If so, Miss Winn would love to meet and talk about your book on Instagram Live @misswinn_ during the week at 7 PM Central.

  • Ad Link To Your Book $50

    Add your link to W.E. Bookstore Online. With thousands of visitors stopping by W.E. Bookstore Online, position your book in a place to be seen by your readers!

  • Book Recommendation + Goodreads Review $50 to $150

    Miss Winn will read and review your book. Adding her book review to W.E. Bookstore's Goodread page and listing your book under's Book Recommendation Page under Miss Winn's Picks and 2 to 3 other categories.

  • Top of Page Ad $150

    Advertise your book, service, brand, on W.E. Bookstore's website at the very top where every visitor can see it for 90 days.

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