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With over a million self-published authors in the United States, and millions more internationally, we want to make sure that these authors and their families have a chance to be seen and their messages within their books to be heard. That is why we have created a seamless process to help them sell their books and connect with their readers!

We're Looking For These Books

Here's the catagories/ genres we need.

  • Architecture
  •  Art
  •  Biography and Autobiography
  •  Business and Economics
  •  Comics and Graphic novels
  •  Cooking
  •  Computers
  •  Crafts and Hobbies
  •  Design
  •  Drama
  •  Education
  •  Family and Relationships
  •  Fiction
  •  Foreign Language Studies
  •  Games and Activities
  •  Gardening
  •  Health and Fitness
  •  History
  •  House and Home
  •  Humor
  •  Juvenile Nonfiction
  •  Juvenile Fiction
  •  Language disciplines
  •  Law
  •  Literary collections
  •  Literary criticism
  • Mathematics
  •  Medical
  •  Music
  •  Nature
  •  Non-classifiable
  •  Body Mind and Spirit
  •  Performing Arts
  •  Pets 
  •  Philosophy
  •  Photography
  •  Poetry
  •  Political Science
  •  Psychology
  •  Reference
  •  Religion
  •  Science
  •  Self-help
  •  Social science
  •  Sports and recreation
  •  Study aids 
  •  Technology and Engineering
  •  Transportation
  •  True Crime
  •  Travel
  •  Young adult fiction
  •  Young adult nonfiction

Ship Your Books Today

Showcasing 5 Benefits

1. No Consignment Fee ( For a Limited Time)

The next 60 authors who send W.E. Bookstore & Publisher their titles will waive the $25 consignment fee. We normally work with independent authors on consignment or donation bases, however, because we are looking to stock up on inventory as much as possible before we open the store front we are looking for authors to send us every eligible title that they have published. After we have received titles from 60 authors we will reinstate our $25 consignment. If you are even a little bit interested, request an application to get started. 

2. Honest Book Reviews For Our Authors

One of the most mentioned difficulties that independent authors have is with getting book reviews. W.E. Bookstore & Publisher make a point to read the books we ship to our readers and leave honest reviews for authors on Goodreads, Amazon, and our website. We advertise the reviews on our social media. 

If you are even a little bit interested, go ahead and request an application to get started. 

3. Your Book is Included In Our Blind Date Program

The independent authors whose books we ship are included in our popular “Blind Date With A Book” Program. Our readers pick a book from their favorite category and we ship them your book and request that if they loved their date that they leave you a review and order another book. We’ve had a lot of success with program and look forward to offering our readers a wider selection of books. 

4. We vet Our Books based on Their Professional Design

It’s a fact that readers judge books by their cover. It’s also really difficult to sell books where the genre isn’t easy to identify by looking at the cover. It’s ALSO unfair to set books that aren’t as professionally designed next to books where the author clearly invested in their book cover. 

Because W.E. Bookstore & Publisher’s promise to our readers of shelving quality self-published books, it’s not personal if your application gets declined. We have to uphold our promise.  Curious if your cover would pass or not, request an application. You won’t know until you apply. 

5. Our readers support small businesses

When a reader purchases a book from W.E. Bookstore & Publisher they not only support a small business but they support an indie author! It’s a double whammy and they enjoy it. You are in the right place to have your book sold. You are in the right place to receive a return on your investment in yourself and your community. Request an application today. 


How Do W.E. Serve Indie Authors?

Here’s how W.E. do it:

Step 1. Show interest by clicking on apply here up above and reply to our email (
Step. 2. If approved ship us 5 copies of your book/s and we’ll make it available for order
Step 3.  New order is made on our site
Step 4. We send you the order and  50% of the net sale
Step 5. We ship the book and you gain a new reader!
Step 6. Repeat Steps 3 through 5.  
Step 7. We win together!

Sounds like a plan? Please apply and tell an author friend!

We send out author statements to authors quarterly. On the statement you will see how many of your books we still have in stock and how much money we owe you. At that time you able to request payment if any books have been sold. 

Yes, if your book is accepted to be stocked with W.E. Bookstore & Publisher an agreement will be attached with your invitation to send us your books. 

We help authors gather pre-sales by including a link to your book on our site. The link on our site redirects readers to your pre-sale webpage. This is a different service that we offer authors for $50 per link. This service is considered an advertisement. 

W.E. ship from Texas, USA

Not at this moment. 

Yes! We have books from authors in the UK and Canada. If you need help figuring out how to ship them to us email 

W.E. consider every book that comes across our path however NOT every book that we see is accepted. 

Books with professional cover designs  that are comparable with books in their genre are more likely to be accepted than those that aren’t comparable to their genre. 

As of July 28, 2022 yes. However W.E. are working hard behind the scene to get our ducks in a row to open a storefront in Texas. Stay tuned for more information on that. We hope to have our store opened before the end of 2022. 

Yes, a single black mother owns this bookstore.

Yes! As of July 28, our service page is under construction. Check back later for more information. 

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