A summary of why WEBO exists.

WEBO’s MISSION is to create opportunities for the creative community to amplify their voices, improve their skills and sell their products. We also believe in providing treasures to help create spaces of peace and comfort.


A summary of what’s possible because WEBO exists.

WEBO’s VISION is a world where every reader, writer, hand-maker, and creative has the opportunities, knowledge, and tools needed to successfully engage in all aspects of an inclusive creative small business industry.

Core Values

The implicitly understood, deeply held convictions that guide the spirit and nature of the WEBO.


  • Advocacy, which expresses WEBO’s commitment to being a voice for handmakers of  sustainable items, readers, writers, and local small business owners. WEBO’s desire to be authentically helpful without further agenda reflects an understanding that the essence of leadership is advocacy.
  • Family, which reflects a deep commitment to fostering positive and healthy relationships with businesses and consumers not only nationally, but locally.  
  • Diversity, which reflects allegiance to a creative industry where everyone can tell their story and find themselves in the content they read.